2018 Patronage Dividend Information

Cooperative members share in the ownership, construction, maintenance and prosperity of High West Energy. When you move into a home or establish a business in the High West Energy service territory, you become a member of the cooperative.

Each fall, the Board of Directors decides if the financial condition of the cooperative is strong enough to pay out patronage dividends. High West has paid out dividends for the last 33 years.

Patronage capital is based on the amount of electricity each member uses, so the amount you are allocated varies from year to year. Businesses that use a lot of electricity build up a larger patronage capital account than a homeowner, for example.

The following is a list of names of individuals or businesses whose checks from previous years were either returned as undeliverable or the checks were not cashed for one reason or another. If you recognize a name on the list, please notify that person. If the person is deceased, let one of their relatives know about the unclaimed check. An official representative of the estate can contact us to claim the check.

2019 Unclaimed Patronage Dividends