Code of High West

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Everyone needs a code…a creed to live by. Over and over, history has shown that a framework of shared values and principles is the foundation of any well-functioning society. Having a code makes each of us a force for good, whether in the workplace, at home, or out in the community.

As a team member of High West, our code is one of:


  • We will demonstrate respect by maintaining a positive attitude, valuing the opinions of others and treating each other with dignity.
    -  Be a good listener
    -  Be considerate of others' ideas
    -  Focus on the positive
    -  Accept Change
    -  Build teammates up - don't tear down
    -  Treat everyone with kindness in actions and words (value everyone)


  • We will be models of honesty by being trustworthy, dependable and keeping our promises.
    -  Tell the truth
    -  Share honest information
    -  Think twice before you speak
    -  Be fair

Teamwork & Cooperation

  • We will build trust and camaraderie through positive communication, encouragement and commitment to each other.
    -  Work together to reach a common goal
    -  Keep open lines of communication
    -  Understand our role as a team member (there is no "I" in team)
    -  Be loyal to our mission, vision and values


  • We will hold ourselves responsible to each other to exhibit our mission, vision and values.
    -  Do what we say
    -  Accept and execute job responsibilities
    -  Apologize for mistakes or transgressions
    -  Resolve issues in a fair and timely manner

Continuous Improvement

  • We will foster a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging progressive & innovative ideas.
    -  Improve current performance
    -  Create future capabilities
    -  Develop individually through education to grow as an organization
    -  Advance new ideas and methods


  • We will be courteous, conscientious and respectful in demeanor and appearance
    -  Take pride in ourselves and our companies
    -  Refrain from disrespectful language
    -  Avoid disrespectful tattoos, piercings or jewelry within the accepted norm
    -  Exhibit good judgement
    -  Maintain equipment & facilities

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Headquarters Pine Bluffs - 6270 County Road 212 • PO Box 519 - Pine Bluffs, WY 82082