Hot Water Heater

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Do you have an old and or inefficient propane water heater?

Take control of your energy use by choosing an electric water heater and see how economical and effcient it
can be. High West Energy is pleased to offer a free 85 gallon water heater to members converting from gas or
propane to an electric water heater. Here’s how it works:

Your cooperative will install, own and maintain a Marathon™ water heater—one of the world’s
most energy ef/cient electric storage water heaters—inside your home. Just like the rest of your home’s
usage, the water heater usage will be billed on the regular residential rate. Using reasonable assumptions,
this is equivalent to using propane at $1.70/gallon.

Members who choose to participate in the program will allow the cooperative to manage the electric use of
the water heater during peak times.* This helps your cooperative avoid paying peak wholesale price for the
power, which in turn provides us with the opportunity to provide and install the water heater at no cost.
Because of the tank’s insulation, Marathon water heaters are shown to retain hot water for up to three days.

 The water heater will be controlled by High West Energy.

The heating hours are 3 p.m.- 10 p. m. (There are no heating restrictions on Sundays)

A separate meter will be installed on the outside of the home.
 The member or owner will have to sign a contract.

 For Further Information or to Sign Up
 Contact Joy Manning at (307) 245-4332

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