Operation Round-Up

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High West Energy has a long history of supporting charitable and community organizations. Operation Round Up® was introduced as part of our cooperative heritage and values people coming together to help their neighbors.

Operation Round Up® is funded by co-op members who contribute to the program by having their electric bills “rounded up” each month to the next dollar. 

Funds collected through Operation Round Up® offer support to individuals, communities and organizations in and around the cooperative’s service area in times of loss or need, due to such events as death, sickness, emergency, fire, natural disaster, etc. This may include providing support to programs related to heating assistance, shelter, public safety and other basic human needs. Disabled veterans may also be eligible for assistance.

  • The application must be completely filled out and returned for consideration.
  • For individual applicants, a strong consideration will be given to those who maintain steady employment but, due to circumstances beyond their control, find themselves in a position where they may need assistance. Operation Round Up® funds are not intended to supplement income for those individuals who did not budget for their temporary or seasonal positions.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the outcome of their request.
  • High West Energy reserves the right to disclose to the membership how we have chosen to direct their contribution. We will not release individual or family names, in order to protect privacy.
  • The maximum donation/contribution will be $800 per individual/family or $2500 per community or organization.
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