Power Quality

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Electrical power is a driving force behind today's economy. As such, electricity is used to power machinery of all types, motors, electronic equipment, computers, appliances, and it provides lights and heat for millions of homes and offices. Unfortunately, electricity is influenced by factors both external and internal that are often beyond our control. These events that have a negative effect on power quality can often damage sensitive electronic circuits and computer equipment. These events can take many different forms but very often present themselves as a transient, spike, voltage surge, voltage sag, brownout or blackout. It is important to understand that many of these same events that cause power problems also have a negative impact on phone lines, cable TV and private communications or data lines that also may connect to your computer or electronic equipment.

  • Substation voltage levels are checked each month as part of the monthly substation inspections.
  • The cooperative handles individual voltage complaints by members.
  • Many power-related operating problems originate from the customer’s side of the meter. Most minor issues can be solved quickly and simply.

Even if you are not currently experiencing power quality problems but would simply like more information on power quality issues for planning purposes, consider giving us a call. We have useful information available at no cost to you, as well as other resources that you may wish to use or purchase.

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