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The Cooperative Action Network is the advocacy hub for America's electric cooperatives. It's more important than ever to band together and promote common sense solutions to the problems facing our nation.

The Cooperative Action Network is the grassroots arm of the NRECA - the national service organization for more than 900 not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives that provide electricity to more than 42 million consumers across 47 states. Together, rural electric cooperatives serve 75 percent of the nation's landmass and account for approximately 12 percent of total electricity sales in the United States.

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To learn more about issues facing electric cooperatives visit the Cooperative Action Network homepage and become part of our team of more than one million advocates around the nation. By signing up, you'll maximize your voice as you hold elected officials accountable and promote the importance of electric cooperatives across the nation. 


One of the most basic differences between an electric cooperative and other electric utilities is ownership; electric cooperatives are owned by those they serve. Cooperative members elect the board of directors, and as a result, cooperatives can be very responsive to the needs of their members.

Electric cooperatives in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado and across the country are beginning to see state and federal laws and regulations take shape that could affect our ability to provide you with affordable, reliable energy. Right now there are issues at the state and federal level that could impact you. We want to be ready and able to respond quickly when the time comes for legislators and regulators to hear your voice. Elected officials respond when they see messages flooding into their offices from names they know and hometowns in their district.

We encourage you to sign-up using this form to be a part of the Cooperative Action Network so that when the time is right to contact your elected officials we can contact you quickly.

Your electric cooperative wants to ensure state and federal leaders consider the impact on you, the co-op owner, when creating energy policies. Staying informed about energy policy and being involved in the political process gives you a say on the issues that will drive costs and we see it as our responsibility to keep you informed. And that’s the cooperative difference.