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The outage map may operate on a slight delay, especially in the early stages of an outage.
If you are experiencing a outage and it does not show on the map please
call HWE (307) 245-3261.

Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom into the map, or click on the above link to see a larger view of the map. 

Steps to Follow During an Electrical Outage

While High West Energy’s goal is to provide you with reliable, uninterrupted service every day of the year, sometimes Mother Nature or other factors work against us. Whether power outages are caused by a blizzard, ice or a squirrel, it’s wise to be prepared and follow these steps if an outage occurs:

1. Confirm the outage: Check the lights in other rooms, since you may have only blown a fuse. If all your lights are off, check with a neighbor before calling High West Energy. This will help us determine the extent of the outage.

2. Call High West Energy: (888).834.1657 or (307).245.3261 – We’ll need to know your name, METER AND ACCOUNT NUMBER, location and telephone number. Remember, if the outage is widespread, the phone lines may be busy, but keep trying or leave us a message if you can. We will send a line crew to find the problem and restore power as quickly as possible.

3. Protect your appliances: After you’ve called us, turn off any appliances you were using when the power went off, especially the stove, iron or power tools. Then turn off all your large appliances, including space heaters, air conditioners, water pumps, refrigerators and freezers. This will prevent your electrical circuits from being overloaded when power is restored. Finally, disconnect all sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, TVs, VCRs and microwave ovens to avoid damage from a power surge. A detailed statement of High West Energy’s, “liability for loss”, is available.

4. Practice safety: For example, if you use a standby generator, be sure it’s installed and wired properly. Never connect a generator directly to your main electrical panel. Without the correct safety mechanisms, power from the generator could flow onto the power line and injure you or a line crew.

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